Hope in Action

  • Building Resident Music Departments
  • Feeding Children During The Holidays
  • Providing New Sports Equipment
  • Annual Music Event To Raise Awareness

Reach Out

Working with members in your community to make a difference

Something Bigger Than Yourself has devoted its energy to passionately advocate for the less fortunate children living in resident homes throughout the United States. Find out how you can contribute to the future of someone in desperate need through donations of money, music, sports, and your time. 


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  • Team-building Outreach Program
  • Corporate Sponsorships Available
  • Donate Your Time And Resources 
  • Show The Children You Care  

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Our Mission

Something Bigger

Than Yourself

Meet Our Team

Raising awareness and helping less fortunate children by providing musical instruments, sports equipment, and special events to enhance the lives of those living in children's homes throughout the United States.

Dec 10th, 2017 will mark the 10th Annual Something Bigger Than Yourself Music Benefit located in Alton, Illinois. Many musicians, artists, and stage performers give of their time and talents. 

Join Us

Find your inner power by helping others

There are so many children living in this world that do not have the same opportunities as others. Even the smallest of donations make the greatest impact in a childs life.

Think Globally, but act Locally


Something Bigger than Yourself is dedicated to help as many children's homes possible by providing their in-house  children with adequate resources for a better quality of life. Currently, we have worked with 9 children homes and 7 retirement communities throughout Illinois, Missouri, Kentucky, and Colorado.


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